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John Lennon Friendship and Musical Collaboration Claimed by Musician Bierman

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- A man who says he and John Lennon had a covert friendship in the 1970s has released three of several songs he said he wrote with the former Beatle.

However, Bruce Bierman says he is not looking to profit from increased attention to Lennon's legacy after the 25th anniversary of his murder.

"In respect for John, I never capitalized from his death," said Bierman, who is a singer, songwriter and multifaceted musician. “I think it’s time to release our music and talk of memories. I hope John’s fans will appreciate that I am sharing what we did together.”

Excerpts from Lennon/Bierman compositions entitled "Central Park," "Surprise" and "One Lonely Tear" are downloadable at www.newlennon.com.

Bierman and Lennon were introduced by musician David Peel in 1972, for whom Lennon produced an album. Bierman said he and Lennon cultivated a friendship that Lennon asked be kept secret.

The two met in various places in New York City, partied, played music, and dined when Lennon had the opportunity to sneak away, according to Bierman.

Friends from Bierman’s past have corroborated his claim. “We all knew Bruce was John Lennon’s friend. I am not the only one who knew,” said Steven Steinberg, Bierman’s friend of 35 years. He added, “In fact, he brought a few to meet Lennon.”

The friendship resulted in material that never surfaced. “My friendship with John has been confirmed and the proof of the collaboration is in the pudding. Listen to the music,” Bierman stated.

Bierman wrote Lennon's widow Yoko Ono in 2001 and was contacted by her attorney. "I had preliminary discussions and a meeting and sent Yoko my recordings at her request," said Bierman.

Through her attorney, Ono stated she did not wish to pursue the matter further, though he was told by the attorney that she was quite surprised this had occurred.

Bierman was informed he had no right to use Lennon's name in connection with his activities, though his name prior appeared alongside Lennon's in two Beatles books and a Billboard magazine article.

"A lot of things happened without Yoko's knowledge, but I thought she would be interested in getting this stuff out especially since a percentage of this belongs to John’s estate. I was disappointed she chose not to assist," Bierman added.

According to Bierman, though no litigation occurred, over the years entertainment backers have feared the wrath of Yoko, thus making it difficult to release this material.

Particulars about the co-written songs will appear inside an anticipated CD. Bierman remarked, “’Central Park’ was one of John’s favorites and it gives me the chills every time I play it.”

Bierman hopes that someone will have the courage to help him. “Isn’t it time people heard something new of Lennon’s rather than the same repackaged material? I intend to do whatever it takes to get this music out to everyone,” he commented.

Bruce Bierman can be found on the web at: www.newlennon.com or www.brucebierman.com
Press and Media Contact at www.newlennon.com/press.html

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