Bruce Bierman - Friendship and Collaboration with John Lennon
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History - Touched by a Beatle
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Bruce Bierman

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Sometime after, John and Yoko moved to their Bank Street residence in the West Village and bumped into David Peel playing in 'The Village' and that is where it all started.

David Peel introduced Bruce Bierman to John Lennon and the rest became a history that has never been publicized until now. Lennon and Bierman closely guarded their friendship.

Bruce Bierman was a member of the group of musicians who performed on the David Peel and The Lower East Side album, The Pope Smokes Dope, produced by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, released in 1972 on Apple Records.

Bierman and Lennon became clandestine friends during those sessions and that private friendship lasted for several years thereafter.  Their mutual love for music and their commonalities and interests created a solid bond and some beautiful music... and that music is what Bierman is now sharing with everyone.  Bierman kept this friendship private out of respect for his friend.




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